Googie Car Wash Site Continued

As the Googie movement progressed, technology was pushed to new limits and car washes became a fast, efficient way to clean your car. In the early 1960s, conveyor belt technology for car washes was revolutionary. At this Googie Car Wash, customers would exit their car, and then watch their car being washed through a gallery window as their cars travelled along the conveyor belt. After about 45 minutes, customers’ cars were returned clean and dry car and they were ready to go.

Now as we approach 2020, some 60 years later, our Googie Car Wash has been accurately, painstakingly, carefully and lovingly renovated. Add-on structures, built by previous owners over the decades, were delicately removed and demolished as they were not original and detracted from the iconic architecture. New paint, with colors reminiscent of the 1960’s, has been carefully applied over the prior coats of paint to bring back the original beauty of the Googie architecture. The effort was to renovate, not replace.

The focus was to restore the wash while retaining all its age marks earned over the decades rather than attempt to mask or make like new. You will be able to observe how all the character has been retained while the structure was protected for years to come. All work was completed by licensed contractors and experienced historic vendors under the watchful eyes of the City of Whittier Planning Department, our Ph.D and architect consultants, following the guidelines of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) along with federal regulations.

The Technology

Apropos at the time, all of the old 1960’s equipment has been replaced with all-new state-of-the-art car wash machinery, manufactured in the USA by Sonny’s Car Wash Equipment and made from aircraft-grade aluminum. The machinery is driven by energy-efficient motors and compressors using only soft, nerf-like, foam brushes spinning at low RPM’s to gently and effectively clean today’s cars. With the help of modern technology, the most innovative machinery including License Plate Readers and eco-friendly Googie wash soaps and waxes, cars can now be washed and dried in about 3 minutes including our own custom Googie Tire Shine and Googie Wax.

This transformation has created the new efficient and modern express exterior car wash. Our guests never have to leave the comfort of their cars. No one gets into or drives customers’ cars. Rather, customers remain safely in their cars while the machinery quickly and efficiently washes, dries, tire shines, and buffs as many as 130 cars per hour providing the cleanest and brightest car in fewer than three minutes, honoring your time because we know you have a busy schedule.

Googie Car Wash is staffed by trained and friendly, smiling Team Members ready to answer questions and provide help if needed. By keeping your car...your prized possession...your "baby" clean while saving you valuable time is a real benefit these days that literally frees-up extra time in the day to accomplish meaningful activities such as spending time with family and friends, checking off the last To-Do List items, or simply just relaxing.

Thank You!

Googie Car Wash, originally completed in 1963 and completely renovated in 2019, represents the iconic style of Googie architecture and signage with its 35’ tall pylons and neon sign pole. We are grateful to all those who helped us renovate the historic and iconic Googie Car Wash. We say a heartfelt THANK YOU!

The folks at Googie Car Wash are happy to bring you a little closer to a clean, bright future.