Giving Back

Googie Car Wash is happy to support Aqus Water because they have a proven, scalable, affordable solution that is being used in over 30 countries today.

Aqus changes water that takes lives into
water that gives life
Aqus Water manufactures and sells portable water filters that provide clean drinking water for all. The AquaSafe Water filter removes all biological pathogens including Cholera, Dysentery, Diphtheria, Typhoid, Polio, etc. for up to three years. No batteries, no electricity, no cartridges needed. For disaster relief, one AquaSafe Water filter can provide clean drinking water for up to 50 people for three years for a cost of only $50.00 per filter.
See Cyclone Udai video.
Aqus provides clean water solutions for households, businesses, governments, and NGO's around the globe.
The AquaSafe Water Filter is the only income-producing water filter available. An individual can acquire an AquaSafe Water Filter to provide clean drinking water for her family and then sell additional water to others, thereby creating a business or a supplementary income.

How to Get Involved

With over three billion people lacking reliable access to clean water and forced to rely on expensive, outdated solutions, the market potential for the off-grid water treatment industry is enormous.
The demand is strong: Aqus Water currently sells to governments businesses in Africa, Southeast Asia, Central America, and South America. Aqus also sells the AquaSafe Water Filer to NGO’s, churches and directly to The Vatican for disaster relief. interest from governments, distributors, and retailers in over 20 countries around the globe. Aqus partners are creating their own businesses, generating a profit, and helping their communities, all at the same time. Join us today!

Give Back Program

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