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Googie® Goes Green

Protecting Our Environment

Protecting our environment and preserving our planet are core values of Googie® Car Wash. With our state-of-the-art water recycling and reclamation system, we recycle the vast majority of water used on the site.

Our Googie® Process uses Eco-Friendly chemicals, none of which leave the car wash because the runoff in the wash tunnel is captured in our below-grade reclamation tanks and efficiently and effectively processed on site so that none of the chemicals make their way into our community’s storm drain.

This enables us to protect our waterways, streams, rivers, and of course the beach so that everyone continues to enjoy our precious water supply.

Water Reclamation

All water used inside the wash tunnel is captured along with the road grime from cars and then filtered through our underground Reclamation System and then processed through our Water Recycling system.

Water Recycling

The vast majority of the water we use on site is efficiently and effectively recycled every day on site. The reclaimed water, after being processed through our underground Reclamation System, is further filtered and recycled with our Pure Clean water recycling system so that it can be re used in the wash tunnel.

Water Retention

All water that comes onto the site from rain and condensation is captured in our underground Maxwell water retention basin so that no water leaves the site. The rain and condensate water is captured, filtered and then slowly released underground avoiding overflow water in the street. This protects our environment while safely handling water runoff into the street.

Conserving Energy

From conserving energy with low-consumption LED lights and energy-efficient equipment, to Eco-Friendly wash and polish chemicals, to minimizing plastic and paper waste, we go beyond saving water. Googie® Car Wash is committed to investing in state-of-the art, earth-friendly car wash technology to keep your car clean and our planet green.


We Care

All of this adds up to one thing: WE CARE. We care a lot and we’re doing our part to protect the environment for the benefit of the community and future generations. That means you can feel especially good about keeping your car clean and bright with your friends at Googie® Car Wash.

How Googie® Goes Green

  • Recycled Water System
  • Water Reclamation System
  • Underground Maxwell Retention Basin
  • Eco-Friendly Chemicals Retained on Site
  • Energy-Efficient LED lighting on Site and in the Wash Tunnel
  • Energy-Saving State-of-the-Art Machinery and Safety-Conveyor
  • Drought-Tolerant Landscape Including Milkweed to Provide Sanctuary for Butterflies

Let Us Keep Your Fleet Clean

Special pricing for businesses with fleet vehicles. Please click see details for more info.

Giving Back to Our Community

Googie® Car Wash is very active in our community. Click to find out more about how we stay engaged with giving back!

Monarch Butterfly 

We pride ourselves on being environmentally conscious! We planted Milkweed to create a Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary on location at Googie® Car Wash.

We created the sanctuary as a way to help Monarch Butterflies have a constant food source, a place to lay their eggs and hopefully with time, bring lots of beautiful butterflies to Googie® Car Wash! More than beautiful, Monarch butterflies contribute to the health of our planet, while feeding on nectar, they pollinate many types of wildflowers.

This is just one of the many ways we are striving to continue to push ourselves to be more eco friendly.