Open Daily: 7am-8pm

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    Whitter, CA

    8016 Santa Fe Springs Rd.
    Whittier, CA

    Anaheim, CA

    1240 North Euclid Street
    Anaheim, CA

    Coming Soon to Lake Elsinore

    Riverside Drive & Lincoln Street
    Lake Elsinore, CA

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How do I enter Googie® Car Wash?

You can easily enter Googie® Car Wash from Santa Fe Springs Rd. (just south of Whittier Blvd. and the Five Points intersection). Our address is 8016 Santa Fe Springs Rd., Whittier, CA.

What are Googie® hours and locations?

Googie® is open 7 days a week: 7 am to 8 pm at both locations.

What is the Infinity Monthly Pass?

The Infinity Monthly Pass is a monthly plan that gives you unlimited washes per month for one low monthly fee. Wash any day of the week for less than $1 a day, without having to check-in at the pay station.

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What is the Googie® 7-step process?

The Googie® Process is a futuristic combination of the best wash technology designed to give you the cleanest, most protected, BRIGHTEST car possible while using environmentally responsible practices. The process includes Googie® Bath, Googie® Prime, Googie® Rinse, Googie® Seal, Googie® Wax, Googie® Rain Repel, Googie® Buff N Shine.

What forms of payment can I use at Googie® Car Wash?

Googie® Car Wash accepts debit, credit, and cash. Cards accepted include Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Are the Googie® vacuums FREE?

Yes! Every Googie® guest has access to FREE vacuum use.

Does Googie® use soaps, detergents, and waxes that are safe for my car?

Absolutely! All of Googie®’s chemistry is of the highest quality and is made to enhance your vehicle, not harm it.

Does Googie® have tire shine?

Tire shine is included in both the Brighter and Brilliant packages. Tire shine gives your tires a long-lasting, high-gloss shine.

Does Googie® have a big buff wheel to polish my car?

Yes! Try our Brilliant package for an incredible Googie® Buff N Shine!

How long does Googie® Car Wash take?

The Googie® wash process takes less than 5 minutes! Save time and enjoy a clean and brilliant car wash in no time at all!