How do I enter Googie® Car Wash?

You can easily enter Googie® Car Wash from Santa Fe Springs Rd. (just south of Whittier Blvd. and the Five Points intersection). Our address is 8016 Santa Fe Springs Rd., Whittier, CA.

What are Googie® hours and locations?

Googie® is open 7 days a week: 7 am to 8 pm at both locations.

What is the Infinity Monthly Pass?

The Infinity Monthly Pass is a monthly plan that gives you unlimited washes per month for one low monthly fee. Wash any day of the week for less than $1 a day, without having to check-in at the pay station.

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What is the Googie® 7-step process?

The Googie® Process is a futuristic combination of the best wash technology designed to give you the cleanest, most protected, BRIGHTEST car possible while using environmentally responsible practices. The process includes Googie® Bath, Googie® Prime, Googie® Rinse, Googie® Seal, Googie® Wax, Googie® Rain Repel, Googie® Buff N Shine.

What forms of payment can I use at Googie® Car Wash?

Googie® Car Wash accepts debit, credit, and cash. Cards accepted include Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Are the Googie® vacuums FREE?

Yes! Every Googie® guest has access to FREE vacuum use.

Does Googie® use soaps, detergents, and waxes that are safe for my car?

Absolutely! All of Googie®’s chemistry is of the highest quality and is made to enhance your vehicle, not harm it.

Does Googie® have tire shine?

Tire shine is included in both the Brighter and Brilliant packages. Tire shine gives your tires a long-lasting, high-gloss shine.

Does Googie® have a big buff wheel to polish my car?

Yes! Try our Brilliant package for an incredible Googie® Buff N Shine!

How long does Googie® Car Wash take?

The Googie® wash process takes less than 5 minutes! Save time and enjoy a clean and brilliant car wash in no time at all!

Where to Find Us

Whitter, CA

8016 Santa Fe Springs Rd.
Whittier, CA

Anaheim, CA

1240 North Euclid Street
Anaheim, CA

Coming Soon to Lake Elsinore

Riverside Drive & Lincoln Street
Lake Elsinore, CA