The Googie® Wash Process

The Googie® Process is a superb combination of the best wash technology designed to give you the cleanest, most protected, BRIGHTEST car possible while using environmentally responsible practices.

Googie® Bath

Break the bond of the most difficult surface contaminates with this specially-formulated low pH detergent.

Googie® Prime

Lift embedded road grime to prime painted surfaces for total adhesion of the Googie® seal paint Sealant.

Googie® Rinse

Break down & remove foam residue to expose painted surfaces to Googie® Seal Paint Sealant. Infused into a waterfall that flushes all grooves, crevices, cowlings, and behind mirrors.

Googie® Seal

Lock out dirt and protect painted surfaces with a special formula that chemically bonds to the surface.

Googie® Wax

Enhance the depth and quality of the shine with our exclusive poly synthetic wax blended with genuine carnauba.

Googie® Rain Repel

Repel water and improve all-weather glass visibility with this hydrophobic spray application.

Googie® Buff N Shine

Safely and carefully buffs in the Googie® Wax so you leave with a shine that’s bright and brilliant.

Googie® Wash Features


Free Vacuums

Jet-Fast Tunnel

Friendly Staff

Unlimited Washes


Save time and enjoy a clean and brilliant car wash in less then 5 minutes.